Visual Basic 2005 Made Simple

This book is aimed at those who are new to programming, or new to Visual Basic. No previous programming experience is necessary, though familiarity with the use of Windows is assumed.

Visual Basic has changed dramatically over the last few years, evolving from a beginnersí language to a fully-fledged object-oriented programming environment. Its structures are no longer simple to understand, particularly for those new to programming, but nevertheless it makes a good starting point for anyone who wants to develop sophisticated, effective software.

The latest version of Visual Basic is radically different to VB 6.0 and earlier versions. However, many of the principles are the same and can be applied equally well to any of the earlier versions of the product. Where there are significant variations between the versions, the differences are noted.

This new edition of the book has been revised to cover the changes made in VB 2005. There is also an additional chapter introducing Visual Basicís facilities for creating classes.